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Jul. 12th, 2019

Friends only.


I'm sorry, who are you?

Hmmm, still logged into this app on my phone, so I'm inspired to write something.
What's new? Not much... Kids, work, family, cats, Girl Scouts, bowling, more work...
My last 11 weeks have been consumed with dieting. I'm down 44lbs though, so that's pretty cool. I still have 63 lbs to go.
I'm staring at the kids Halloween candy and the pile of candy with peanuts that we had to remove, and I know my pants being too big is way better than those peanut butter cups.
Really. They are.
Totally not worth it.


Feb. 19th, 2013

Week done. No soda! No sugar!
And I got on the scale.... Any guesses??

I gained 5lbs. I fucking hate my body.

I did qualify for a clinical trial here at Wash U for a weight loss study. We'll see how that pans out.

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Day 6... No sugar, no soda.

I had to get creative last weekend with my booze. :)

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3 days no soda and no sugar.

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Feb. 14th, 2013

My pseudo religious self does not require me to give anything up for lent. But I like a challenge.
So no sugar or soda for me. I've been on diet soda only for a few years now, but this will force me to drink more water.
Day 1 good
Day 2 so far good

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Too much fun

Holy crap, I need a hobby.

Last night I cleaned out and rearranged my pantry. Tonight I'm gonna go to the grocery store! THEN.... take the stuff off the kitchen walls and patch holes... AWESOME RIGHT!

Thursday I'm gonna sand the patched spots and tape off the room. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

Friday.... wait for it... I'm going to paint. Yes, you read that right. I'm going to paint.the.kitchen.

bike ride

the girls went for their first bike ride with daddy and Emma.

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Aug. 1st, 2010

It's really hard to write a 1250 word paper when there is this annoying pain in my side that won't go away. It started at like 2 this afternoon and it comes and goes as it pleases. It's sharp and shooting, then dull and achy. It's right below my ribs on my far right side. Too far up for appendix and too far right for gallbladder (and I'm already missing that anyway). And it's not nearly as painful as the gallbladder was.

Maybe I pulled something... who knows. I just know its really f'in hard to concentrate on a marketing paper that's due in 12 minutes.


Having a Big Kid

It makes me sad that my babies are growing up, but having an 8 year has it's advantages, as I've found out.
I decided to make Emma a weekly chore chart. If she does them all (gets stickers) there are 5 rewards she can choose from. A dinner of her choice, Saturday activity, allowance (2$), or having a friend over.
Some of her chores are daily ones, such as clearing the table, picking up the living room toys (we have some shelves in there), doing homework, and being on green at school and not getting in trouble at home.
Then there are some that are only done a couple times a week like, picking up her sisters' room and picking up her room.
Then the once a week chores, emptying the small trashcans in the house, putting her laundry away, cleaning her bathroom and sweeping the hardwood floors.

It sounds like a lot, but it's really not... most of those take a whole 10-15 minutes. And she's at an age where she likes to clean!! I'm going to use it to my advantage.
Babies are precious, toddlers are fun, but these older ages are proving to be useful... I can't wait until she's old enough to babysit! I'll get my husband back!